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Did you know? Group insurance plans allow employers to retain staff and skilled labour.


Humania Assurance stands out with its product and service offering.

About Humania Assurance

With You for Over a Century

Humania Assurance is one of the oldest and most stable life and health insurance companies in Canada. We design innovative insurance solutions at a competitive price and with a streamlined process that makes them easier to access. To date, our various insurance products and services protect hundreds of thousands of Canadians. Humania’s vision is to give peace of mind to everyone through innovative solutions. In order to achieve this goal, we are committed to offering a human experience above all through the consistent efforts of our trusted employees, as well as our strong distribution network and innovative partnerships. Together, let’s make insurance accessible!
Humania, a human experience above all!

Why Choose Our Mutual’s Group Insurance?

For several reasons, such as the Compassionate Care Leave and PreZen+ | My Health Ally, which are included in our Long-Term Disability plans, or the Roadside Assistance and Telemedicine, offered to all persons covered by the Health Care insurance benefit, as well as the Fracture coverage available to all our members.

Discover Available Coverages

Available ServicesLife
Illness Insurance
Care Insurance
Care Insurance
The Fracture Benefit
Conversion Privilege
Care Leave
Survivor Benefit
PreZen+ |
My Health Ally
Roadside Assistance
Telemedicine Services
Travel Assistance and Trip Cancellation Insurance
Health and Dental
Spending Budget


Member and Dependents

Member: Insured employee (see contract definition)

The information presented above is general in nature and may vary by contract.

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Available 24 hours a day anywhere in Canada and the continental United States.

24/7 access to licensed physicians by telephone, video or online.

Travel Assistance and Trip cancellation up to $5,000 per proposed trip, per covered insured.
Receive up to $1,000 in the event of an accidental fracture.
Employee and Manager Assistance Program influencing the four pillars of global well-being: Physical, mental, social and financial health.
Convert your group coverage to individual insurance.
Lump-sum payment that a beneficiary could receive in the event of the death of an insured employee who was receiving Long-Term Disability benefits.
Possibility of taking a leave of absence to care for a loved one.
Reimbursement of expenses for health and dental care, devices or treatments not covered by the group insurance policy.

Telephone access to experienced lawyers and healthcare professionals.